Ag21 Health Sciences is a Virginia-based company focused on the development of wound care, infection prevention, and infection control solutions.

Our Story

Our Chief Chemist, Bill Wingfield, and his collaborators have been formulating personal care products and environmental cleaners since 1987. Bill and his wife, Bella, founded Ag21 Health Sciences to manufacture and market our patented complex, Ag21. The inspiration for the Ag21 Complex came from Bill’s father. As a diabetic, the most common infection could have devastating effects for him. Therefore, Bill sought to create a product whose formula would kill harmful pathogens, promote wound healing, and provide persistent protection.

After successfully developing a nebulizing agent and wound care spray for the equine industry (proving so effective with horses that it became the only approved agent of its kind approved by the Kentucky Racing Commission and the Rio Olympics), Bill set his sights on releasing an over-the-counter product for consumers to help people like his father.

In the spring of 2016, Ag21 Health Sciences launched BANDA‑SiL a wound gel and spray for consumers. Major pharmacy retailers quickly recognized the product as a disruptive new platform for treating infection and wounds that addressed a clear gap in the first-aid market. Demand for the product has quickly escalated with product in nearly 10,000 stores nationwide.

AG21: A Breakthrough Formulation

The Ag21 Complex is a natural, nontoxic, non-antibiotic formula that kills antibiotic resistant bacterium, but does not contribute to formation of new antibiotic resistant bacteria strains. The formulation and delivery requires only trace elements of silver (200 per million) to maximize the kill and protection, making Ag21 Complex cost effective to produce. Because Ag21 is water soluble it has great versatility in its use and can be easily incorporated into a variety of products.

How it Works

The Ag21 Complex molecule integrates chelated silver and chitosan, a naturally derived polymer. Both ingredients are widely known for antimicrobial properties. Silver and chitosan perform their deadly work by damaging bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions. Silver has been used as a natural antimicrobial for centuries and is currently one of the most broadly used active ingredients in advanced wound care. Chitosan’s efficacy as an antimicrobial is also well documented, as well as its properties that create a biodegradable film to form natural bonds with human skin. Additionally, chitosan is cited for its ability to deliver extrinsic antimicrobial agents to affected areas and the demonstrated ability to promote faster healing. The goal of Ag21 Health Sciences is to validate that the Ag21 Complex achieves these same standards.

Because the complex is homogeneous it is effective on contact and evenly dispersed for consistent results. The product forms a persistent barrier that continues to protect for up to 28 days, killing a broad spectrum of pathogens, such as MRSA, C. diff, bacterial, fungal, and E. coli. We are currently testing the efficacy against viral replication.

Silver (Ag)

Leading non-antibiotic, nontoxic antimicrobial that kills a broad spectrum including superbugs



Natural antimicrobial polymer that attaches to the skin creating a protective barrier with restorative properties to promote faster healing


A nontoxic, hypoallergic molecule that effectively kills a broad spectrum of pathogens, provides a barrier to prevent new infections, and promotes healing



Medical, Consumer, and Industrial


OTC and First Aid, Professional Wound Care, Animal Health, Dental, After Sun, Hand Washing, Coatings, and Surfaces

This unique molecule can be incorporated into topicals, liquids, plastics, and coatings.

Advantages Over Other Silver Formulations

1. Barrier Formation
Provides persistent protection
2. Cationic
Creates natural bonding to skin and surfaces
3. Therapeutic Activity
Complex is more effective than free ions
4. Chelated Ag Efficacy
32 times more effective than free silver
5. Versatility
Easily incorporated into other platforms

Frost & Sullivan 2020 Forecast:
Silver Formulations as an Emerging Trend

Notable Emerging Wound Care Management Technologies:

  • Wound closure devices providing non-invasive wound healing
  • Pressure relief devices that enable tissue perfusion
  • Usage of silver and combination dressings
  • Recombinant growth factors and tissue scaffolds for wound closure
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery to wounds

Frost and Sullivan, Wound Care Management Technologies 2016 to 20201

Market Dynamics

The current market dynamics create great opportunity for the Ag21 Complex to fill critical gaps that are missing in the over-the-counter, professional wound care, animal health, and dental markets.

Market Dynamics

The CDC is investing in new solutions to combat antibiotics resistance:

  • 2016 Congress appropriated $160 million to fight antibiotic resistance.2
  • The rise of superbugs is driving hospitals to try new approaches to stop their spread.3
  • Simply using antibiotics creates resistance.4
  • “Bacteria cannot build up a resistance to silver nanoparticles as they can to antibiotics.”5

The U.S. spends $9.8B on healthcare acquired infections.6

“The role of silver is already proven in decreasing HAIs from peripherally inserted central, urinary, and dialysis catheters, as well as from silver dressings and surgical instruments.”7

Antimicrobial ingredients are under scrutiny creating a market opportunity.

  • The FDA issued a final rule banning 19 antibacterials used in washes and soaps.8
  • The FDA has issued an inquiry into alcohol-based hand sanitizers to better understand the effectiveness.9
  • AG21 Complex has completed testing, and is in the final approval state to become a class two medical device, making it an approved antimicrobial ingredient by the FDA.


Ag21 Health Sciences launched its first product, BANDA‑SiL, a wound care topical, in the consumer market in early 2016. Retailers quickly recognized it as an innovative technology that addressed market gaps arising with concerns over antibiotics.

In the six months after BANDA‑SiL began full production, six major retailers launched the product, including CVS, placing BANDA‑SiL in nearly 10,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Clear Market Gap

“Old Solutions don’t solve today’s problems.”

Triple antibiotics launched 64 years ago, and still maintain a dominate market position.
A significant part of the population is allergic to antibiotics.
Super Bugs resistant to antibiotics render traditional antibiotics ineffective.

Major Advancement

“The future of wound care.”

There are strong public concerns with the use of antibiotics.
BANDA‑SiL is natural, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and child safe.
BANDA‑SiL is an effective barrier against germs without the use of antibiotics.

BANDA‑SiL is the first major launch of a new technology in the first-aid market for the treatment of cuts, scrapes abrasions, and minor burns.

Learn more about BANDA‑SiL

Manufacturing Capability

Ag21 Health Sciences runs a FDA GMP registered facility in Richmond, VA. Our facility aligns to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 Medical Device Quality Management System.


Built for Growth

  • 10,000 sq. manufacturing facility
  • Automated, environmentally controlled manufacturing with capacity
  • Outsourcing production in place

Focused on Quality

  • Meets FDA and ISO regulations for medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Clearly defined processes around quality control

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