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AG21 Health Sciences

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OTC & First Aid

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Professional Wound Care


AG21 Health Sciences specializes in licensing patented technology. FDA-registered manufacturers of animal and human skin care and cleansing products utilize our patented technology. Products include homeopathic wound gel, equine throat spray, detergent, foot spray, and anti-scent hunting products. AG21HS and its partners have sponsored GLP testing, validating the unique antimicrobial and healing properties, which indicate a breakthrough advancement in medical applications. Resources and capabilities have been restructured to enter the professional wound care market.

AG21 Health Sciences provides its novel patented antimicrobial complex “ChitAgen” for eco-friendly consumer products using natural antimicrobials. This novel chelated silver chitosan molecule exhibits superior antimicrobial properties and eliminates the known counter-indications and drawbacks of ionic silver, which dominate antimicrobials in advanced woundcare.

Bill Wingfield

Bill Wingfield

Chief Scientific Officer

Chief Scientific Officer and inventor, Bill Wingfield, acts as the team leader. Bill’s 40-year background as a formulation chemist and entrepreneur includes 8 granted patents. Bill has commercialized over 20 consumer skin care and cleansing products collaborating with over 50 labs to construct testing designed to achieve required endpoints.